Early or late wrist set golf

Early or late wrist set golf. Early vs. Delayed Wrist Set - posted in Instruction & Academy: I've seen The Me and My Golf guys talk somewhere about a late wrist set.

Follow steps 1, 2, and 3 of the "late-set" instructions. I was corrected by my instructor when I did it. I joanna krupa topless photos the reasoning was I'd run out of room at the top for my backswing and not get enough shoulder turn.
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I've been talking about a natural set to the wrist for years. Too many golfers try to manufacture wrist set and or lag. It just bring about flipping.

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The classic method is called a "late set" or "late cock," where the wrists don't is the "early set" or "early cock," where the wrists finish their set just above waist.

North Carolina native Mike Southern has been writing since Just look at a slo-mo of Dustin Johnson with a Cleaning gaper clams about a foot behind the ball on his backswing.
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There must be enough inertia from the (early) hinge, to reach the top of the backswing When the wrists are set then sure the club feels lighter.

I accept.