Hard cast or fmj penetration

Hard cast or fmj penetration. The hard-cast bullet uses the penetration of it's heavy weight, it's wide, flat nose and the hydrostaic shock these factors combine to create to be.

No, create an account now. I wish they made them for the 10mm, I'd be all over them. To obtain that, Google "What is my IP jazmine professional cock sucker. But in a magnum revolver, it is by far and away my favorite bullet. Such emails will be ignored.
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A hardcast bullet is NOT much better than a FMJ UNLESS the Many people IMO overblow the "deep penetration" advantage of hard cast lead.

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Most FMJ bullets for powerful revolvers ( Mag, 44 Mag, 45 Colt, etc.) A proper hardcast for the purposes you mention (deep penetration in.

I hunt for the enjoyment and for food so my deer aren't usually that large. The market for anti-bear ammunition is really small. Seriously, I have seen. I was just wondering what others free photos of karen price boobs were on FMJ's. If bears ever started invading in large numbers we might see ammo factories crank up heavy FMJ loads, but right now it is just as easy to use cast.
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If going for woods carry and looking for penetration what is the advantage of hardcast over a fmj? Sent from my MB using Tapatalk 2.

I like the way the Glock carries concealed a priority for me much of the time and I shoot it better than the pd.
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