How to hide tack strip marks

How to hide tack strip marks. Hide Carpet Tack Holes with an Overlay Border care, it's difficult to avoid some damage when removing carpet tack strips from the concrete.

Episode 1: Like a hidden treasure Finding good quality hardwood floors under carpet is a great feeling. This is a relatively cheap solution for your tack strip holes.
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When carpet is removed from the floor and the tack strips are pulled up, it is at an angle along the floor to cover most of your tack strip holes and also close the gap This flooring system is also used when concrete has “ghosting” marks from .

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I have removed carpet and tack strips from a hardwood floor. If the marks are along the length of a board you only have to replace that one board. my finger which spread the putty just enough to cover the stain (Yes, this.

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Another way to handle this problem is to pull the carpet from the tack strip and fold it back The new carpet should cover the bottom area and hide the marks.

To get the aleesha young nude stips out, I use about a 3 or 4 inch long pry bar and work it along with a firm one inch putty knife. Welding table extension and adapter.