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Kara dioguadi bikini. Remember when former American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi stripped down to a bikini and upstaged Katrina “Bikini Girl” Darrell during the.

Then again, who really ever knows that their bosses are considering replacing them? Vote Now Here are other highlights from the book: Afterward, Ryan applauded her and yvonne decarlo topless that by flashing the world, Kara won a bet and a donation to charity. Nobody is doing even the simplest kind of background research.
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Kara DioGuardi in a bikini. The bizarre sponsored engagement. Randy Jackson.

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The two made nice - kind of - when they sang a duet together. During the song, Kara DioGuardi revealed she was also in a bikini, a move that surprised Darrell.

Jersey Shore 5. It was a deeply uncomfortable moment, an intersection of hack comedy, dead-horse-beating, and rank sexism that is pure American Idol. Afterward, Ryan applauded her and said that by flashing the world, Kara won a john arlidge bulgaria sex hotel escort and translator hentai manga donation to charity. The joke was on the worst of the tone-deaf young auditioners, who were told they were the best and paraded in front of blood-thirsty viewers and a live audience who themselves had been deceived into thinking that the singers were terminally ill.
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Kara DioGuardi wasn't afraid to get a little nasty on her premiere episode as the fourth "American Idol" judge Tuesday. And she has no regrets.

The two made nice - kind of - when they sang a duet together.