Safe sex teaching units in powerpoint

Safe sex teaching units in powerpoint. Current Toolkits: WISE: working to institutionalize sex education is sex each and the symptoms of each one -proper protection activities and.

Safe Sex Education 1. Appropriate for students from middle school through adulthood.
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Check out this hand-picked collection of resources about sex and relationships, Create a safe space to discuss sex and relationships with your Plus, if you are teaching SRE to students with SEN, make sure you The lesson includes a detailed powerpoint and also a worksheet for students to fill in.

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Sex education is a parent's responsibility. Talking about sex Start Now! What are the benefits to starting a discussion about safer sex “now” rather than “later”?.

All of the names of people in scenarios are gender neutral names, with an attempt to include names from a diverse range of cultures and ethnicities.
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Vaginal sex; Anal sex; Oral sex; Transmission from mother to baby during childbirth; Skin to Skin in grade 7); Practice safer sex; Do not share instruments used in body-piercing, tattooing or hair removal Health Unit. – Keep informed about STIs and how to protect yourself; Talk to a parent, teacher, or a trusted adult.

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