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Spanked and sent to bed. Always fun to get a nice hand spanking before bed. . After dinner I would be sent to take my bath, after which my mom would tell me to put my.

So SEXY when they are angry!!! Ben does as he is told but, throws his smart school uniform all over the floor, his expensive blazer and grey shorts etc. Showing 1 to 8 of 8 comments.
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Description: Ben came home late, again. Dad was not pleased. He sent Ben to go and get his pyjamas on and then wait in his room for Dad to.

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Description: A particularly memorable punishment from my youth. Sent to get my pyjamas on with nothing allowed underneath them, then report.

Certainly focuses the mind knowing you have got a spanking coming! Uploaded By: Post number 4.
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Description: Princess hid something she wasn't supposed to be doing from her Daddy. Her rationalization? She didn't want to be in trouble.

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