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Stories teens forced to breed. The breeding farm is a secret located on a large estate in the country side. . me and I held her tight, punishing her with the force of my thrusts.

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Part 2, which describes the events preceding the first story. .. Loving His Baby Girl Pt. 02 A captive woman watches video of her own forced breeding.

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Another episode of America's favorite Black Bred newscast. and other exciting erotic at 'forced breeding' stories Day with a pony girl and her favorite things.

A killer? Her hands gripped the sheets with her fists. From now on Ms. I looked back to see this giant black man, all decked out in rubber like me. Explore New Story.
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At 19 years old Leah has been brought up "correctly" by her well off family, attended a private school and now has her first job working in admin.

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