We don t give a fuck

We don t give a fuck. This slang sentence is used primarily when under criticism, because when you don't care what somebody else says, whip out an "I don't give a fuck!" and they'll.

Used to be my dogg, you was in my left titty Screamed,?
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[Chorus- Jadakiss]2x. Uhh used to be my dog you was in my left titty. Scream RYDE OR DIE I thought you would die wit me.

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We Don't Give a Fuck Lyrics: Uhh, used to be my dawg, you was in my left titty / Screamed, “Ride or die,” I thought you would die wit' me / Found out you a bitch.

For the Breathe Carolina song, see Hello Fascination. You don't give a mother or a brother fuck. You can't trust niggaz, no further than you can throw 'em You don't wanna murder the niggaz, then you blow 'em He usin' yo' style, that make him yo' child Then he shouldn't make a move 'til he hear it from yo' mouth. And the broomstick, them bitch-ass niggaz is gettin' raped Know how we ride, whoever on they side can die And we ain't tryin' to be blind, fuck eye for eye 'Cause we only takin' yours, you know the doggs you motherfucker. Some babies are okay, but robin meade titty fuck these ones.
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[Olivia harmonizing for 10 seconds] [Hook: Olivia] We, we don't give a fuck about you. Your homey on the block can get it too. Y'all lil' motherfuckers ain't.

Thought Catalog 55 Hentai de dragon ball Louis C. Like drops of water in a droughtsuch are your fucks. I don't give a fuck unknown. And how much of our time do we spend caring about what people think of us?
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